What should we STOP, START & CONTINUE?

Many of us who have been affected by the pharmacy funding cuts need to make important decisions now! These simply come in three categories: STOP, START & CONTINUE

Examples are:



No more FREE – say no to deliveries or anything else that doesn’t give you a return on investment.
No more procrastinating – get on and do it.



Delivering Professional Services.
Sell Professional Services.
Increase your output of what you have – MUR and NMS, Retail Sales.
Train your pharmacy team – invest in their development, but monitor the return on investment through targets.
Focusing on Quality Payments.



Delivering Professional Services.
Pharmacy Team Development.
To look forward by using the above START guide.


If you have any more suggestions to add, please continue the thread below. Join us now and unite pharmacy through conversations.

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I am agree with your thought about STOP, START & CONTINUE

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