Lobbying and contacting your local MP

This video is about Lobbying & contacting your local MP – Community Pharmacy


How to find out who your MP is – http://www.parliament.uk/mps-lords-and-offices/mps

PSNC Briefing on hosting a pharmacy visit for your local MP – psnc.org.uk/psncs-work/psnc-briefings-psncs-work/psnc-briefing-04817-hosting-a-pharmacy-visit-for-your-local-mp-july-2017/

Campaigning for community pharmacy hub – psnc.org.uk/campaign

Guidance and resources to help engage with politicians – psnc.org.uk/politicians

Commissioners Portal – psnc.org.uk/commissioners

Contact the PSNC Communications Team for help – [email protected]

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