Face 2 Face Care at Community Pharmacy – Part 1


Community pharmacy is the facilitator of personalised care for people with long-term conditions (LTCs).

The community with LTCs are able to access support and advice from their local community pharmacy. This is flexible for the community as there is currently a community pharmacy within 10 minutes walking distance to most of the community.

With Government Funding Cuts, and the drive towards on-line pharmacies, many community pharmacies will close. This will have a devastating impact on people living with LTCs.

Face to Face Care from community pharmacists, and their teams, is the only way to build effective medicines use into LTCs patients’ personalised care and support plan.

If further funding cuts are made to community pharmacies; there will be a loss of regular, personal interaction that people have with community pharmacists, and their teams, leaving many less confident in managing their LTCs or feel less supported for their care reducing their overall well-being.


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Do you have any examples of Face to Face Care in Community Pharmacy?

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